Before the end of Season 2, we wanted to preemptively answer some questions. 

When will we send out tokens?

Season 2 $RFR token transfers are now in process. You should expect to see your Season 2 $RFR tokens in your registered ERC20 compliant wallet within 1-2 days or earlier.

Don't know how? Check this little guide :

Will you be adding new games soon?

YES! We have so many cool games to announce soon. You're going to want to hang around for these. We're sorry about the extended period of not having games in stock, but there have been some logistical and legal issues we've had to resolve before moving forward.

How many tokens will I get?

I have no idea! Token splits are based on the number of people in the tier with their ETH address set. So you can imagine it changes a lot. You will find out when the tokens are sent to your ETH address.

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